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Things to know about the Retirement Policy

Retirement is complicated and each of us asks a lot of questions. The retirement age, full pension or pension reduction, special cases such as civil servants or expatriates, various reforms, the redemption of quarters so many notions to know that come to shake our certainties.

Age and amount

Departure age: the legal retirement age is determined according to your year of birth and the number of quarters paid.

Calculate your future retirement: the pension that will be paid to you is the combination of the basic pension to which is added the supplementary pension.

ASPA: guaranteed minimum pension: the pension system is based on the contributory distribution, each contributor receiving a pension proportional to its payments and its contribution period.

Retirement simulators: While online simulators can give you a first glimpse of your retirement age and future earnings, their results should not be taken for cash.

Employment and Retirement: It is possible to combine your retirement and a new activity. This is the State employees credit union policy.

The revaluation of retirement: traditionally, pensions are revalued each year from a calculation made based on inflation forecasts.

Redemption of quarters: if you do not add up the required insurance period, under any plan, at the legal retirement age, you have the option to buy back quarters to artificially lengthen the term of insurance.

Retirement pension and the hazards of life: The vagaries of life can lead to a decrease in the amount of your retirement pension. Maternity leave, periods of sickness, accident at work, disability, or unemployment, can validate quarters.

The documents

Claiming and Retiring: Retiring is only available upon prior request. It is advisable to do this at least four months before the planned departure date.

Documents to keep: to prepare your retirement, it is essential to keep documents related to your professional career as well as some documents of civil life.

Individual situation report: summary of your professional career, the career statement details the rights you have acquired under the general scheme.

Features and reforms

History of pension reforms: reforms of our pension system are accelerating. These changes are perceived as complicated and remain opaque to many.

Pension plans: the National Old-Age Insurance Fund manages the retirement of the general social security scheme. This is the basic retirement of all employees.

Mandatory pension plans: most of us automatically contribute to two pension plans: the basic pension fund and the mandatory supplementary pension fund.

Retirement of civil servants: the retirement of the civil servants answers to particular rules which differ from those of the private sector.

Retirement of the liberal professions: it consists of a basic pension common to all the liberal professions, of a complementary retirement and for some occupations of a supplementary retirement.

Retirement of tradesmen / craftsmen: It is the Social Regime of the independents which manages the contributions and the pensions of the tradesmen and craftsmen. This pension plan is mandatory.

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