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A Short Guide on Writing a Student Thesis

Unfortunately, our education does not always have a very high quality, its acquiring requires raising to intellectual heights and creations (sometimes in agony) of the thesis work. A terrible thesis work will not even be appreciated by the noble commission group. Do not allow yourself to get C after so many years of your studies. It does not matter that the universe wants to throw logs at our feet, we cannot give up. I never allowed myself to do this, I was always trying to write my coursework and thesis till the end, and share it on Wedoessay blog if possible.

What Thesis Is

Let us recall that the thesis is the work of the author. It would be awkward if I stole someone else’s work. This would be a disgrace not only for me, but for people who really tried. I’ll even make a scandalous statement that it is better to write your thesis yourself. And create something good, so that you do not have the fear of looking into the eyes of your lecturers. Let’s look at what you need to write a good thesis.

1. Choose a Good Topic  

A good topic is not a qualitative concept. I do not think that the theoretical work is of a lower quality than a practical work. In addition, I am far from classifying works based on the level of complexity of the topic. All topics are difficult. Only extreme laziness is the result of poor research, as well as the lack of knowledge. However, the desire of ambitious people to prove their big role in society eliminate all problems.  

So, what is a good topic? A good topic is a topic that interests you. No more torture! You do not need to write about something that seems unnecessary for your future activity. Consider what interests you and suggest a topic. Some universities offer to choose the topic of your thesis in 3 variants.

3 Variants to Choose the Topic of Your Thesis

  • We choose a topic from the list offered by the lecture. That is a very good option.  Academic workers often have a set of different data that we can process in our own work.  Thus, you do not need to search them independently.
  • We ourselves think about it. That is a very ambitious option. You are sure that you will write about what interests you. Usually such a specific work requires quite a lot of interest. The most important thing is to find an advisor who will accept you and your topic. The best thing is to know something a bit. In my experience, the work created in this format is usually very cool and interesting.
  • You have no idea, and the college or university does not provide a list of topics. If you have a lecturer who expects his or her students to be inventive, he or she may help you in writing your thesis. Another variant is to choose an interesting subject (discipline) and try to dig through books in the university library.

2. Do Not Hurry  

Do not be afraid to imagine the expected result of your research. But I came to the conclusion that you have to explain every decision you want to make. You think that you need to write without breaks because you say that you will not make it. But you have some period of time to write the thesis from the moment you choose your topic. It is better to clarify some details with your advisor/lecturer. You do not need to start writing in a month after choosing a topic. But of course, it’s always worth making a draft consistently. If you do not have any additional requirements, it takes about two months to write a good content. Some students deal with this task within two weeks (this is not a legend).

3. The Motivation Curve

There is a theory that the writing of the thesis is similar to a hobby at some stage. You write without much effort, and the curve is constantly growing, so the material is formed in an easily accessible form. Unfortunately, it changes after crossing a certain point. We reach the stage, in which there are no effects, even if we double or triple our efforts. The curves show us that a student needs to catch up this moment of inspiration. Nevertheless, he or she needs advisor’s support to get to the finish line in case of ‘writer’s stagnation.’

The Laffer curve is the most popular. It shows that you cannot endlessly raise taxes, 100% tax won’t motivate taxpayers to work at all. And this is a zero income to the state budget.

4. Is It Better to Write Everything at Once or in Stages?  

This is a complex, almost rhetorical question. There is no definite answer. Unfortunately, you should choose the best method for you. Writing your thesis in stages, you do not need to worry that your work will take much time of your life. You write, do other things, and write again. This option is definitely slower and probably much better. This requires a good time organization and a good patience.  

If you want to choose the first variant, you should forget about everything. Only you and your thesis! Students who prefer to postpone writing until the last day, often write all work at once.  You will be sitting all day in the library. You will probably not see friends or family (if you do not live with them) until you finish. Writing everything at once will definitely give fresh knowledge as you need a few months (a sufficient period) to forget about the details of your work.  

5. Wait Until You Are Ready

Do not start writing right now, wait until you feel that it is time to start. Then, turn a laptop on and generate your ideas. Classify tasks according to their importance and urgency. Thus, you can effectively manage your time. Although you will have other problems that are more important than writing your thesis in the coming months, there will come a time when writing becomes a priority.

6. Why Not to Buy a Thesis?  

I also want to warn you about dishonest works. The acquisition of a thesis is a very risky option. It is not suitable for people with higher education. If someone thinks that he or she can keep it a secret, he/she is mistaken. Sudden and unexpected skills will always surprise you more than indecent victory. By the way, your lecturers can find out about your deception. Unfortunately, this will lead to the loss of respect for colleagues.  

Writing a thesis can be difficult, it can take a lot of time, but imagine the new title and the beautifully designed work on the shelf! Believe me, you are intelligent enough to write a thesis independently, and only get assisted and guided by others.

Choosing the best for the best Developer Sale

Buying an apartment is, for most people, the most important acquisition made throughout life. For the first time in the face of such a challenge, future buyers can avoid making major mistakes if they get on the road.

We asked real estate specialists what are the basic tips that should be taken into account by the novelist who wants to buy an apartment. The replies apply especially for the purchase of dwellings in old blocks, in the case of new constructions that have some particularities. With the best developer sales in singapore this is the perfect detail now.

Well-prepared financial plan and organization

  • A buyer must have some visibility on its medium-term income, especially if it’s a credit acquisition.
  • Leaving this aside, it is extremely important for the buyer to know exactly what he wants, to draw up a list of criteria to which he would not give up, and a list of the criteria he wants, but who can be compromised.

More money and thorough information

First of all, it is necessary to establish the budget, i.e. the amount needed for the acquisition, the source of financing, modernization expenses, commissions, taxes, etc. It is very important that when the purchase is made by credit, chooses an already finished and furnished home, that all these additional expenses have to be made and the probability of accessing another credit is low.

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Indeed, death and funeral is a rather strange subject, but that does not mean that it has to be omitted or taken out of our everyday lives – in fact, death does not take into account the time or what we do every day. That’s why the funeral is a pretty interesting subject to investigate, and although you have the impression that you do not need such information, it might one day use what you read in these lines. The use of the good at funeral services singapore is perfect here.

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